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Wood fencing provides security, defines boundaries, and helps control noise. The style and decorative touches of a fencing system can enhance the look of your property and add character by becoming an integral part of your landscape. Allday Fence offers a wide variety of styles to choose from. The 6 ft. x 5-1/2 in. x 5/8 in. Pressure-Treated Solid Wood Dog-Ear Picket is designed for decks, docks, ramps and other outdoor projects where lumber is exposed to the elements. This sturdy picket is constructed from Southern Pine and resists termites, rot and fungal decay. The picket can be stained or painted to match your exterior decor.

Board on Board

For the property owner seeking total privacy a Board-on-Board style gives the yard a sturdy look since it creates the appearance of a solid wood wall. Typical design has one "finished" side, and the other side where posts and railings are visible. This style is built with each 6-inch board being overlapped by another 6-inch board with a ¾-inch overlap, as the boards shrink it does not allow for any daylight gaps. Most local building codes require that the finished side of the fence face out.

Shadow Box

Shadow Box fences offer a semi-private facade.  These fences are great around pools as they allow for ventilation.  Looking straight on at the fence it is not possible to see through the fence, but from a side angle there is visibility through the fence.  These fences are also "neighbor friendly" meaning there is no side that exposes the backing rails as the fence will look the same on both sides.


Semi Private

Security and privacy are the primary advantages of Stockade fences. Individual boards are flush against one another, keeping pets in and providing a better sound barrier than other styles. Most local building codes require the good side face out.

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