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Building & Installing Fences "Allday" Long

Permit Applications & Detailed Specifications

Allday Fence is fully licensed (Miami Dade County LIC#08BS00863) and insured.  Please see below for a copy of AFC general liability document.


Common fence mistakes DIYers make. Every county and city municipality has their own building requirements when it comes to constructing a fence, and standards can change with time. This is why homeowners should never guess how a fence should be built simply by looking around his neighborhood. Obtaining a fence permit means that a city employee will ensure that the fence is built properly, and if you are highering a contractor to do the work will provide security that you are dealing with a licensed contractor.  The following types of mistakes avoided:

1. Wrong height. Most cities limit the back yard fence height to 6 feet with stair stepping as it approaches the front of the property. If your proposed fence is too high, the P&Z officer will recommend the proper height based on the fence's location in the yard.
2. Wrong material construction. Some cities restrict the type of building material that may be used to construct a fence. Fences made of things like wood pallets, sheet metal, barbed wire, and rotting scrap wood are usually prohibited.
3. Blocks the clear vision triangle. This usually applies to corner properties, and basically means that a fence can't block the vision of people approaching the intersection. Again, an officer can help a homeowner come up with a way to fence the front yard without impeding vision.
4. Built in the wrong location. Fences usually can't be built in the setback areas or in the public right of way areas. This is the area where most people seem to trip up when building a fence, assuming that location doesn't matter. The code officer can help you determine where the setbacks are on your property so that the fence isn't accidentally built in the wrong spot.

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